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29, May 2010

Camera pistol

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I wish there was a camera that looks like a pistol. So when I take a picture of that guy in the Hummer I can get an expression of his true face.

Hummer $10s of thousands
Ed Hardy / Affliction T shirt $100
douchey hair-gel $5

The look on your face when you cut off the wrong guy in traffic: priceless.

You know the guy I’m talking about.  He’s a thirty something and hasn’t quite wrapped his mind around his imminent middle agedness.  Let’s not worry how he got there.  Yes, I know I’m being mean.  On the one hand, we’re all in this together; on the other, he asked for it.  This guy is not just a young buck with rich parents.  This is a grade-A, unadulterated, unrepentant, 100 percent D-bag.   So, what’s my plan?  I can tell you in two words – well, one hyphenated word: electro-shock.  It possibly seems draconian and harsh.  But we can’t afford molly-coddling; that one needs a straightening and he needs it now.

OK, so I was kidding.  But can we achieve our aims with a polaroid posing as a pistol? We can only hope.  If nothing else, maybe when we’re trying to resuscitate him and realize he’s got issues like the rest of us, we can email him the photo for his facebook profile.


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  1. […] I see this camera posing as a slingshot.  This completely captures my old idea for a camera that would scare the bajeezus out of someone because it’d be buried in the […]

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