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5, June 2010

Minimalist window managers

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I have to admit to being a snob about linux first of all.  If you can get over that, then I should move on to admitting my fascination with getting modern operating systems running on extraordinarily outdated hardware.  This is a fixation of necessity.  I usually own old shit.  So, it’s with a great deal of love that I discovered (and rediscovered) ratpoison.

Ratpoison is a minimalist window manager that does away with the mouse.  It’s extraordinarily small and, despite the authors claims, can learn to play nicely with the gimp.  I love it.  I love the days when I sit down to use my computer and I’ve forgotten to plug in the little cordless USB mouse.  So, as I was grooving along in my new adjustments of rpws (RTFM) I found a site describing Xmonad and fell in love with that one too.  It’s more intuitive.  Xmonad is to Ubuntu as Ratpoison is to Debian.  I’m going to stick with the dealer of little rat death, but I’ll be visiting the ‘ratpoison -c “tmpwm xmonad”‘ once in a while.

OK.  A small update:  I can’t seem to use ratpoison after exiting xmonad.  What a bummer.  Maybe xmonad clobbered my use of the caps lock key as an alternate escape key for ratpoison.  I think I may have to restart X?  And now, just as I was about to restart X it’s mysteriously back.  Maybe I messed something up.  Ahh…..


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