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12, December 2010


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Yesh, so I’m a junkie. I loves me some of that self-help, heal thyself stuff. I started taking the training classes for CrossFit. For those that don’t know, check out These people are in *crazy* good shape. The thing I took away from the first training class is that you get an amazing workout in under 3 minutes 30 seconds. I know it sounds too good to be true, but you gotta see what you do in that time.

I did 5 rounds of 5 overhead squats and 7 kettlebell swings in 3 minutes 19 seconds. The squats were done with just an olympic sized barbell weighing 35 lbs. Believe me, as my posterior proclaims, ’twas enough.

A squat is crouching down, knees completely bent and feet flat on the ground. An overhead squat is just a squat carrying a weight over your head. So basically, you do a typical shoulder press and then squat. Sounds simple? Well, that damn barbell is really hard to hold while you’re down there. All your core muscles are trying to hold that weight steady overhead. It’s really a workout for the whole body. Your shoulders (and triceps, deltoids, trapezius) are all sore and the core gets some stability training and your legs? OMG.

Kettlebells are a super popular thing for weight training. People have been using them for a while, but now they are simply out of control. Just like the overhead squat there’s buckets of youtube videos on how to. Basically, you bend 6 inches or so at the knees and hold the kettlebell with both hands. As you stand up, you let the kettlebell swing over head. You can get a nice rhythm going with it when you do it right and it kind of makes it hard to stop. You can see where it gets addictive.

Well, that was just the first session. The second session we went over the press, the push press, the push jerk, the sumo-deadlift-high pull (SDLHP) and the dead lift. Then we did 10 minutes of 10 push press, 10 SDLHP, 10 deadlifts. I managed 6 rounds. I have no idea how I did it. My glutes and trapezius (trapezii?) are still angry about it.

The press is a typical shoulder press. The push press starts the same, but you get some upward velocity by pushing up with your legs. You should be able to lift about 30% more this way. The push jerk is almost like what they do in olympic weight lifting. You do a push press, but as your arms start to give out, partway into the overhead press, you jump down into bent knees and at the same time, straighten your arms. Then you can lift the weight with your legs. This should be about 30% more than you can lift with the push press. The sumo-deadlift-high pull starts standing like a sumo wrestler – legs spread wide. Then grip the bar with thumbs nearly together, keep your head up – eyes fixed high on the wall opposite you and your butt as high in the air as you can. Then you flex your legs and stand using your hip muscles as much as you can. If you really snap your legs straight you can get the weight to glide right up into an upright row. The deadlift involves getting your feet under the bar, holding the bar outside your legs, keeping your eyes focussed at a spot headhigh across the room, keeping your butt lifted up with a nice curve in your back – so you lift with your legs – and standing up. According to the trainers you can dead lift the most weight.

The fun thing about cross fit is that you can go to and get the WOD (workout of the day). If you have a weight set and a place to do pullups and something to jump on, you got what you need. There’s videos of how to do the exercises at the site. The next thing you know you will be good and sore and looking for more.


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