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15, February 2011

Crossfit February Painstorm

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I really like my gym. There’s a lot to be said about crossfit and the affiliate I frequent in particular (Wildcat). One thing they started with the new year is free open gym on Saturdays 10-12. It just so happens that I bring my kid to Capoeira 10-11:30 on Saturdays. Needless to say, I don’t think I’ve missed one Saturday so far this year. I usually stick to things I can’t do at home, like my new lift obsession: the snatch.

This past Saturday though was amazing. I did my usual stuff, and two of the trainers got ready to do a workout called the February Painstorm. You do two minutes of work and three minutes of rest and you repeat this for 5 rounds. The first minute you do 5 burpees and then as many thrusters as you can. At the top of the second minute you do 5 more burpees and then as many more thrusters as you can. So at the end of the day you’ve done 50 burpees and however many thrusters. Burpees are kinda like squat thrusts with a pushup in the middle and a jump at the end. Thrusters are a front squat followed by a push press overhead. The recommended weight for women is 95 lbs. Men: 135 lbs. So these two trainers *worked* *out*. I mean…. I saw them give it *all* on this thing. I’ve never seen anyone do so much work live. I was pretty awed. I stopped what I was doing just because I didn’t want to spoil the atmosphere. I’d seen something similar during the “Murph” workout but this was somehow different – probably because I suffered through a stripped down version of “Murph” and now I was watching. Anyway, it left me extremely motivated and inspired. I told them so when they were done.

Sunday I did ladders of pullups. That’s where you do 1 pullup and wait a bit, then do 2. I made it to 6 pullups consecutively. Then I waited and started over again. I did that 3 times. In between I did thrusters with my weight set at home. The missus was worried that dropping the weights in the garage might fracture the foundation. Okay, so I did them outside. But I was only doing 55 lbs or so (I think my bar is 5 lbs). I did 4 sets of 11 reps and then I bumped it up to 65 lbs and did another 11 reps. BTW, 11 is a number we need to talk about later.

So I was sore and I’d had some beers on Sunday. I was thrilled to see clean & jerks one rep max weight as the workout for the day. I was like – perfect! Todays’ trainer said, nah, let’s do the painstorm! I was like *ack*! Also this trainer knows me and won’t let me slack off on weight. He pushed me to do 90 lb. I managed a total of 42 thrusters over the total 25 minute workout. It was heavily motivated by watching others do the same workout with me as well as those two trainers on Saturday.

Part of me wanted to get this record written down but as I do so I realize something else. That’s part of what makes a good workout. You get into it because you’ve seen others do it and because you’ve seen how *hard* they’ve worked at it. You push yourself harder when you’re doing the same workout as others. Not just to compete with them but just to feel like comrades in pain.

As with all good workouts the endorphins were delightful. I’m still enjoying them now – almost 12 hours later.


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