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23, February 2011

Fitness sites

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I’ve been getting into reading a bunch of fitness sites. I don’t know exactly why. It makes me think that some of my life goals are to get into a certain …. something. On the one hand I’m 42, on the other hand, I feel like there are a lot of nebulous goals out there. I’d like to perform a flag. I’d like to run a 4 minute mile. I might like to get a belt in Capoeira. I might like to do 100 pull ups with no assist (sets of 20 maybe ;). I might like to jump a truly amazing distance or even run through some parkour circuit in record time. I think about endurance races too, like Tough Mudder and Ragnar.

So this post is sort of a place holder – a reminder to myself – of the blogs and sites I like.

I got a lot out of Ross Enamait. I made myself the sandbag and did snatches and loadings. They *worked* me hard. That’s some serious stuff there. His site even has great motivational stuff. Plus I love how he’s still in shape and doesn’t seem to be going crazy selling the same old stuff over and over again. &

I have given money to be part of the cultfit. I like it. I get a lot of motivation and I like the trainers at WCCF. I like a lot of the posts at the main site. At the end of the day, it’s still GPP – general physical preparedness. But the Wildcat CF guys add a lot of strength stuff – heavy lifting and whatnot. They don’t follow main site programming 100%. Either way, both sites have great ideas for workouts.

I’ve been getting into Adam Glass’ writing recently. Real 4 letter word sort of site. But if you’re looking for thinking about lifting this is good stuff. He’s gotten into something that seems like, ‘listen to your body.’ and basically, they’re selling it. But still, Adam is a King of grip and a hoot and a half to read.

Scott Sonnon

I usually just google and youtube search for this guy. He’s got a ton of sites. I like a lot of his work. I mean, it just makes a lot of sense. And although I don’t agree with the programming (what the hell do I know though), I like that he makes it all easy to follow. Plus, these are seriously non-traditional, full body exercises. There’s a great story to Scott’s life and I’ve borrowed several of his books and have heard great things about his systems for advancement. I really like the way he thinks.

I used to read a bunch of barefoot Ted’s stuff. I really like that style of running. Every time I’m in the middle of a bad a**, throw down, try-not-to-heave crossfit workout that involves running, I think about the Tarahumari. I lean forward, I try to keep my head level and I try to glide like a desert cat.;

Can’t forget dragon door and Pavel Tsatsouline. His stuff is gold. It’s part of what got me buying my first kettlebell. I still use the damn little 20lb thing. There’s *so much* you can do with a Kbell. And Pavel’s got a great attitude. After I first discovered his site, I was calling everyone ‘comrade’ for at least a week.

Steve Maxwell is another good blog to read.

Finally, a master of grip strength training and an all around fun page to read:


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