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2, April 2011

Sayings from trainers at my gym

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There’s a saying, “Crossfit; it’s awful.” In that light, and at the start of a fresh workout, I had a smile on my face and I said to one of the trainers who was working out with us, “This is gonna suck ;).” I think Eric had gotten into a different zone because he was calm and serious when he said:
“It will make you strong.”

It’s that sort of seriousness that really helps. I mean, I’m 42 and it’s *so* nice to think of myself as an athlete again. The mental attitude is immensely helpful.

I have done about 1/3 of my workouts with Erin as the trainer. She’s great! She’s quick to change out weights and usually has options laid out in case you need to change your loads during the middle of a workout. She is also really encouraging. Just when I’m about to take a 12 breath break I hear:
“Strong work friends.”

I had written about this before, but the workout called the “February Painstorm” was such an impressive thing to watch when two trainers, Eric and Jen W. were doing it. Their performance really had me thinking that I need to give a lot more during my workouts. In that light I remember Jen saying:

I usually work out at 9:30 am. Sometimes I miss that time and end up doing the 4:30. One Friday this happened and I was introduced to the wonders of carrying a plate overhead while doing lunges. OMG – lunges hurt in the first place; with weight? That workout took me 22 minutes, so it was some serious w00t when I heard Jen W set us up for the start of that one:
“15:30 is the time to beat. That’s my time!”

I’ve trained the most with Mike. He’s a great teacher. I’ve gotten tons better at jump rope and look forward to doing double unders. He showed me a great progression to doing ring muscle ups. He’s coached us in handstands, lever and plank progressions and running and rowing techniques. I also like how we focus on dynamic stretching for warmups and lots of flexibility after the workout. Since I’ve trained under him the most, I have the most quotes from him.

Right before we get started with a 5 exercise circuit with heavy bars:
“The hang power cleans followed by thrusters just sucks out your will to live.”
(He was right)

Towards round 5 of a 7 round set:
“Now is when the junk yard dog comes out!”

When discussing a 50 burpee race – performed after a 7 minute or so crossfit circuit:
“You can always do one more burpee!”

As you can see I’m still really happy with my gym. I like it so much that I wish I could hang out there more often. Oh yeah, that reminds me, one more ‘coach’ who ‘helps’ me with stretching – Lucy the dog who comes by to visit so often. She comes over to me while I’m stretching and thumps her tail until I pet her.


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