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22, August 2011

Garage Gym

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So I got the garage cleaned out.  I’m real happy about that.  You can see the fridge in the back right corner.  Sir Beer Fridge, first knight of Man Kingdom, is busily frosting cold ones for post workout recovery.  You can see the paralletes in the left foreground.  I finally broke down and got a proper Olympic bar and 255 lbs of weight (all for $100!).  I’ve got 135 on for deadlift volume.   In the doorway (unseen) is where I hang the pull up bar for … guess what, pullups.  It’s also good for knees to elbows, L-sits, levers – the usual fun.   On the left is the rope I use for climbing.  My hand strength is *almost* good enough to do more than just hang there.  On the right is the home made rings.  You can also see the homemade T-handle and my starter kettlebell.  There’s a 1″ curl bar in the back corner.  Out of sight are a stack of 1″ weights.  The dumbbells are hiding as well.  Mandatory jump rope is hanging up in the back.  The homemade jump rope rides with me – never gymless ;).  Thanks to all the people who post training stuff to help me put this together.  Thanks to Ross Enamait for all the homemade ideas.  Still need better tunes and a white board.  Anyway, that’s it for now.


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