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23, August 2011

Stair jumping

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Stair jumping – just kicked it up from 5 to 6.

It’s a great way to toughen up your tendons and practice landing safely, softly and quietly.  Think eccentric squats and you get the idea.  I had been doing them for a long time (at least a year).  I had a brief hiatus when I injured my right glute.  I had to restart at 3 steps!  I quickly got back to 4 and then 5, but stayed at 5 for a long time.  Instead of just jumping into 6 though, I started using the railing to help control the descent.  Recently, I took the plunge and have been working without the railing.  Next stop –  7 steps + railing.


If you’re going to start with this, be prepared to put the time in.  First of all, you want to go gentle and listen to your knees, ankles and feet.  It takes a lot longer for tendons and ligaments to toughen up compared to the surrounding muscles.  So you might expect to improve on a weekly basis – not likely.  Plan on making steps in the 1 – 2 month time frame.


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