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23, August 2011

Why parkour

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So I’m 42 years old.  Why am I doing parkour?  Well, first there’s health.  The second reason is that it’s just plain fun.

I started when I was hanging out with my kid at the playground and thinking, cripes, I bet I can do the monkey bars.  I could and I did.  It was a lot more fun playing with my kid than sitting around, playing on my cell phone and ignoring my kid.  Somehow, I found out about parkour and my kid and I devoured tons of youtube videos.  Eventually, I found some basic tutorials described at a level where I could start.  I taught myself how to do a safety vault, and started walking on railings for balance.

After a while, I discovered that there were groups on campus that trained.  Some of the guys trained more often and harder than others.  One of the most eye-opening of these guys was David Grimes.  I only trained with him for a couple of months, once a week or so, but it was an experience to see how someone else viewed the world of obstacles.  In fact all the guys had stuff they contributed to helping me along, Tommy, Caleb, Sam, Kairos etc. etc.  I was just jazzed that these 20 somethings didn’t mind – in fact seemed to enjoy – training with someone twice their age.

Now I’m the advisor for the UA Parkour club.  We hope to get recognized as a genuine club with rights to train on campus this autumn.  We used to get chased off fairly often – mostly because we didn’t have the paperwork from our association with UA Tricks to practice on campus.

Parkour has become more than just a training regimen or even a philosophy.  It’s a part of me.  It’s what I call the thing I do when I’m walking somewhere.  I can’t seem to keep off the railings.  Just ask my wife – she’s more resigned to the fact that wherever we go, I’ll be jumping on, over or under something.


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