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10, January 2012

A new wildcat crossfitter

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So of all the things that rock the new year, of all the things that people do with their resolutions, the one thing I like most is…..

Nancy (wifey) joined wildcat crossfit.

Now, I’m still recuperating from a cyst-ectomy which deprived me of the right to lift things over 25 lbs (and considering the recent weekend, will probably earn me the right to get more stitches, staples or surgical tape).  Actually, scratch that.  The stitches were removed and the steri-strip didn’t hold.  I think I felt the thing give way when I was turning my head driving.  Nevermind.  That sh*t will be fine.  Dr. said so.  This is about the newest crossfitter.

I was really worried because it can be pretty intense.  I mean, they are all about scaling the workouts, but still…. people will push themselves much harder in a group setting.  Anyway, I had run the Nan through some simpler workouts.  Note I didn’t say easy, just simpler.  Maybe less reps, maybe shorter AMRAP (as many rounds as possible).  I got her doing lunges with a 10 lb weight held overhead.  She kicked butt.

One of the nice things about crossfit is that all the trainers are really good at teaching the body squat.  If there is one thing that is useful to know, squatting is it.  Shoulder width stance, butt out, knees out and tracking over the toes, down, down, down, chest up, push through the heels and stand.

Well, apparently I don’t have it as well as the trainers do.  I taught Nancy what I knew about squatting and she could get pretty far down there.  She’s had problems with her knee and we didn’t push the fact that she was having range of motion issues.

Then, after the new year, she wanted to go and get officially started.  She got her 90 min. ‘ramp up’ introduction with Eric.  She was sore for three days.  I’m used to her arthritis flaring, so when I saw her limping on the stairs, I said ‘time for the shot of medicine?’ and she’s like, ‘no, this is muscle pain.  Not joint pain.’

She had a workout with Mike and a technical session on the Olympic lift, (my favorite, the snatch), with Eric.  Mike had modified a workout for her and showed his usual great style in getting her to do weighted box squats with a folded up mat on top of the box.  Every now and then he’d unfold part of the mat so she’d have to squat about an inch deeper.  This was last Tuesday, and today, she just showed me a full-on bodyweight or air squat.  She can even do a pretty deep squat with her knees together.  She says it was the hamstring stretching that helped.

I’m jealous that she gets to do the workouts and enjoy all those endorphins.  But I’m even more proud of her for joining in and (re)discovering new abilities.


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