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26, January 2012

Daily grind

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Just a quick heads up on what’s what in my little world.

The doctor had a look at the eye of sauron, a.k.a. the open incision in the back of my neck that gets changed with a wet-to-dry gauze bandage every 8 hours. She says it looks like it’s doing great.

This makes me real happy since I would like to get back into a bunch of training.

Nancy is currently at Wildcat crossfit and hopefully has survived the workout. We await her return at home. As a bonus, I got her a fancy (small slice) of cake and some homemade sambar.

I spent a lot of time on the side yard over the weekend. I laid out some grass seed, trimmed some trees, pruned & sealed the fruit trees, set up another garden patch (~3×3 feet) with the old compost and set up the next compost pile in the next garden spot, and power washed the patio.  I still have a ton of splinters from all the damn wood that I moved.  Now we have about 4 piles of red eucalyptus for the fireplace.  I feel like a rich man.



In other news, my pal Ian Borukhovich was browsing his usual bodyweight-haunts on youtube and found a blog of which I’m a fan.  He posted some comments to and Adam invited him to do a guest blog post.  Yes, I’m jealous.



  1. We Need to talk….

    Chad, you are getting too damn inspirational to me and I am wanting to commit more to losing weight (and getting out of debt.. which is another problem). Can we meet for coffee and I can like seriously write down what you are doing and start working on it. From reading your blog, I am getting WAY to interested in Crossfit and am glad that Nancy has taken up the challenge. But I just cannot afford it now. I know you said to do it online..I guess I will try and work out the logistics on that. I cannot guarantee that I can go Vegan, but I will cut the amount of food down. Also, next week, I will be able to ride my bike to school 2-3 days a week for starters.

    Anyway, I would still, once more, like to drink coffee with you and take some notes on: Crossfit, Aerobics, keeping a proper food diary etc etc. Let me know

    Honey Cheeks Macintosh

    Comment by Honey Cheeks MacIntosh — 27, January 2012 @ 11:16 pm

    • Yeah, no problem man. I’ll email you and I’ll bring my diary. Here are a few salient points.

      With regards to crossfit, I think intensity is the key. Crossfit adds social engineering and professional trainers. You get professional help on full-body exercises. You get trainers who can adjust a recommended exercise (recommended for elite athletes) and tweak it (often heavily) to suit you. Doing the exercise with other people and a running clock brings another level of intensity. I wouldn’t push myself so hard on some exercises, but I see everyone else doing it. I’d like to stop, but no one else stops for more than a few breaths. However, at the end of the day there are many people who get into ‘something’ and do it intensely and change their life. If you just do wind sprints or suicides, I think the intensity helps more than jogging 3+ miles. Just my humble ever evolving opinion.

      With nutrition, the easiest thing to do is to phase out the starches. Start with stuff you might not like but is convenient. For me it was rice. I find it boring. I started leaving more and more of it on the plate and getting extra curried vegetables. Then I read about wheat on internet forums and found some scientific papers that backed some of it up so I started weaning myself off of that. I had stopped eating cereal a while ago and still sometimes eat oatmeal, and bread wasn’t too hard. But tortillas? Ahhhhh…. I sometimes cheat and eat them. And I don’t usually count the ‘bad things’ in the barley component of beer. I’m sure the alcohol affects me more than any trace amount of agglutinin. If you can get better cuts of meat, go for it. However, the key thing for me was cutting down on starches (which is also in a lot of processed foods).

      Comment by chadkpark — 27, January 2012 @ 11:26 pm

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