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5, February 2012

Early 2012 weekend roundup

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Hoo.  Boy.

Tired and sore.

1.)UA Parkour minijam!

It was my first time *really* training since surgery back in December.  I mean, I’ve done some precisions, and things here and there.  But it’s always been things that are in the way of me going somewhere.  No repetition, no challenge of new obstacles.  Not so any more.  It’s back to drilling and training for this traceur.  Plus, there are new guys that showed up.  Plus plus, Caleb got a go-cam and promises to post footage.  I can’t wait to see how dorky I look.  Maybe I should ask him if I get veto rights over segments containing my bald pate?

2.) Home improvement.

We ran out of one of the types of paver blocks.  However, we’re already easily 1/3 of the way done with the side yard.  You can see the beautiful random pattern that my beautiful DW is hammering into place.  You can also see the beautiful blood blister I earned while loading up a wheelbarrow full of pavers.  Yes, I did have to lance it.

3.) New TV?!?
Well, yes.  Our old TV was a spare CRT from the garage that has been slowly dying.  It was a replacement for a thrift store TV that we’d received years ago.  So, I was quite unprepared for the state of digitally moving image technology and their corresponding price tags.  We managed to get a decent TV (1080p, 60Hz, 32″) for the princely sum of $200.  I was initially horrified at the options though.  $1000 for a TV that looks pixelated in space and time?  Ludicrous.  I saw TVs that were $500+ that were worse than a decent $80 CRT.  I felt like somewhere there was a group of people who just wanted to saddle me (and my wallet) and ride us until we were broke.  Fortunately for my attitude, the cable guy cut our bill by 60% for the next 6 months.  After that, he claims he will be able to ‘hook us up’ with a new promotion.
4.) Captains of Crush grippers.

I’m still using the ‘T’rainer hand gripper.  I haven’t been able to close the number 1 yet.  However, that is in the pipeline.  I got these babies over the holidays to keep me doing something while I waited for the eye of Sauron (the open incision in the back of my neck) to heal.  For the trainer, I’m up to 10 reps on the right hand and about 3 – 4 on the left.  I also practice holding the grippers upside down in order to train both sides of the hand.
5.) Superbowl.
Nah.  I didn’t watch it.  I haven’t for 10+ years; why stop a winning streak?  But I did enjoy this sight at the local Whole Foods.

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