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6, February 2012

06 Feb. 2012 Notes, food & training.

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It’s been a busy but productive day.

First, the dogs.  I had spent some time at PetSmart talking to people who convinced me of ways to be better to the four legged mutts.  I had been feeding them Beneful, but one person, who hearkens form the shelter, claims Blue Buffalo is better.  We read the ingredients of each together.  I think she was right.  She also had some insights into Squinkle (the Chinese crested hairless) and his insatiable desire to tinkle.  So, today was the first day of their new eating program.  The morning went very well.  The evening feed wasn’t quite as smooth – we had to give Gizmo seconds.  But other than that there was little canine complaint.

Second, the eye of Sauron continues to close.  The doc was quite happy with it.  She has a great way of talking simply, but accurately.  She put in some colloidal silver this time.  She says at about 90% healed, the wound gets a little lazy and needs the silver for encouragement.  I won’t have to go back unless I get some freak infection.  However, it’s so nearly healed, that I doubt the possibility.  It’s also small enough that I can wash, pack and cover the wound myself.  Yay independence!  Nurse Nancy has been great and the doc has given her official Nurse practitioner kudos.  However, it’s nice to be able to handle it myself.

Nan (DW) deserves credit for number three.  She did a number on the dishwasher such that it cleans better.

At work, I got the usual inundation of minutiae.  It all got done.  Students are getting data.  Broken things are getting fixed.  Enough said.

Food: 20 oz decaf, 1 super B vitamin, 1×400 I.U. vitamin E.  Breakfasts 1 & 2 were ~ 4 egg whites, 1 fried onion, ~1 c fried asparagus, 2 cloves garlic, and hot salsa – all cooked over coconut oil.  That Melanesian monounsaturated melted mass makes for a distinctive flavor.  It’s expensive, but I love how it leaves me feeling when I’m done eating it.  Probably all psychosomatic.  So what?  Prelunch was stir fried veggies (& protein) from Whole Foods.  Lunch: stir fried veggies from Yoshimatsu with a cup of miso.  Afternoon snack consisted of a hard boiled egg (with hot sauce – Guacamaya), a handful of almonds, and a couple squares of chocolate.  Dinner #1 was the salad you see in the picture + about a tablespoon (plus) of Goddess dressing.  Second dinner was 1 cup of Greek yogurt (0% fat) and my current magic soup (see below).  Over the whole day I had about 3 L water.

Training: Nothing extraordinary during the day.  Around 2100, I did a quick warmup and then:

AMRAP 8 min. of 8 x front squats and 6 x push press: Three rounds + 2 push press (failed on third) 95#

Rest 3 min.

AMRAP 6 min. of 10 KB swings and 8 burpees: Four rounds + 3 burpees (Yay burpees!) ~30# T-handle for KB swings.

I thought I had done this workout before, but I can’t seem to find it in my records.  My addled brain seems to think that I did a similar number of rounds before.  I think that’s pretty good considering.  I was pretty winded right out of the box though.  I think I should be able to do better.  Also, transitioning from squats to push press was really hard.  I like to use fingertip control on the former and, of course, can’t on the latter.  I had to drop the bar almost every time and clean it for the push press.

The picture below is crappy because the garage is poorly lit.  Hopefully, you can see the homemade T-handle on the right hand side.  I followed Ross Enamait’s post for making this thing, but when I look on his site for the link he has one from Don Draper.  The 45# barbell in the foreground is loaded with 2×25# plates.

Magic Soup – Indian / Sambaar style (the manufacture of which can be hazardous to your health 😉  Be careful cooking the chiles):

Soak ~1/2 c red lentils for 24+ hours changing the water several times.  I store it in the fridge.  This reduces phytates.

Bring 2 Tbs olive oil to medium – med. high heat.  It’s perfect when about 1 tsp of mustard seed starts popping.

Add one chopped onion.  Cook until caramelized slightly

Lower heat, get the soaked lentils ready.

Add 2-4 cloves chopped garlic, 2 Tbs mild green chiles, 1 Tbs mild red chiles, 1/2 one hot chile pod, ~1/2 tsp fennugreek seeds.

Immediately add the soaked lentils (before the smoke from the chiles causes you respiratory distress)

Boil the crap out of the lentils – 30 minutes at least.  It denatures the trypsin inhibitors and lectins.

Add ~2 tsp crushed kasoori methi (dried fenugreek leaves), and whatever veggies you have around – todays’ was broccoli.

Add water as needed to desired consistency; add salt to taste.  I added some frozen peas at the end cuz I hate ’em mushy.



  1. Mmmm soup sounds fabulous.

    Comment by Tepary — 20, February 2012 @ 3:26 am

  2. That soup is a standard around here. It is delicious.

    Comment by chadkpark — 10, March 2012 @ 5:46 pm

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