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1, April 2012

Goshin Jitsu – the nine year old ninja is now ten.

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So when he was an 8 year old ninja, Ben went to summer school and discovered a love for Judo.  Mostly, that’s due to the instructor, John McGraugh.  Now, this remarkable dude is fluent in English (native) and Japanese and loves flipping kids.  He really has a style to making kids enjoy self defense and throws in a heap of old-fashioned ‘behave well’ as well.  I remember seeing Ben off to his class two years ago (2010) and talking with Mr. McGraugh.  He had a *cloud* of kids around him just *begging* to be thrown.  Of course, he had taught them all how to fall and as all the best judoka know, it’s only proper to help your throwee land properly.  I remember him showing me how good Ben was at throwing and landing and in the midst of it, he pauses from throwing a dozen kids before the start of class and says, ‘I have the greatest job in the world.  I throw little kids all day long.’  This attitude persists and I can’t tell you how fun it is to listen to him teach class. I swear half his puns and comments are for the parents listening in on the kids’ lesson while we peruse our cellular entertainment.

Anyway, he’s teaching once a week at Ben’s grade school.  Now it includes more typical self-defense stuff like, attention, prevention, communication and eventually, blocking, striking, throwing and wrestling.  Well, Ben never wanted to do this Goshinjitsu stuff because he thought it was too violent and didn’t like the idea of wrestling.  Somehow, and this is seen in all the students, the wrestling is the best part.  You should see them freak out and jump in line when he says, ‘pick a partner and sit back to back’.  Apparently this is one of the ways to start wrestling.  Well, if you haven’t seen your offspring teaching little kids how to do a pin, or better, seen him get pinned by the sensei or the senior (green belt) student, I highly recommend it.


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