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16, April 2012

Workout 2012 April 16

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Have a busy day today, but managed to get to a convenient time at the gym.  I realized that if I can get ready for work prior to dropping the ten-year old terror at school, then I can bomb straight down the hill and hit the gym by 8:30.  Today was the first attempt at such an endeavor.  It was a bit hectic because the car was on empty and the house was out of decaf!  But I managed to get there with plenty of time to spare.

Kevin had us warm up with PVC and all the usual drills.  He added a neat one where you have the PVC behind your back and one arm holding the top like a tricep stretch and the other grasping the bottom at the small of your back.  As you pull up you stretch the front of the rotator cuff of the lower arm, and by pulling down you stretch the triceps of the upper arm.  The written warmup was 10 air squats, inchworm along the length of the room, worlds greatest stretch (WGS) on the way back, 10 burpees, 100 single unders and 20 double unders.

WGS is pretty hard to describe, but exceedingly good to do.  Start standing, bring one knee up as high as you can and step out in a lunge.  Make sure your knee is at or slightly behind your ankle.  Take the same elbow as the forward foot and place it as close to your ankle as you can, then put both hands on either side of your front foot, lean back and stretch your hams and calves.  Kevin does the WGS a little different by adding the Atlas stretch (lunge position with upright upper body) before repeating.  It’s the sort of thing where you want to do a nice warming dynamic stretch.  No static stretching before the workout.

I liked todays’ workout because I can feel my kipping pullups coming back and my shoulder strength feels pretty good from working out at home over the weekend – strict pull ups and swinging into front levers.  Also, I’m starting to string along double unders and would like to see if the pressure of the clock and the workout will help.

8 min. AMRAP of

8 pull ups

30 double unders


Front squat 5×3.

I got 2 rounds + 7 double unders.  So that was 24 pull ups.  I went as prescribed, but I couldn’t get all the double unders and I didn’t want to stand there huffing and puffing and not practicing the pullups.  My cadence was sort of single-single-double.  I could keep that up for maybe 3-5 reps before I needed a break.  Then I finished out the jump rope work with 60 singles.  The kip felt pretty good on the pull ups, but I still can’t do 8 unbroken.  I think I got 5 reps at best.  Of course there were some serious fire-breathers who did 6-10 rounds I think.  Most people got 4-5 rounds done.  So, I don’t feel too far from the pack.

Front squats were a bit more fun.  One of the firebreathers had an injury and didn’t want to go heavy so we shared a rack.  I did 10×45# and 3×95# as a warmup.  From then on it was 3×135#, 3×145#, 3×155#, 3×165#, 3×165#.  It felt pretty good.  I did get a bit of a cramp in the right calf after the warmup but that cleared out during the workout.  I made sure to do a lot of stretching and hydrating at the end.  Now I feel pretty awesome.  I ended up getting into work a little after 9:30, but that’s not so bad that I can’t pull it off a couple times a week.


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