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17, April 2012

17 April 2012

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A brief synopsis, a series of vignettes….

I managed to survive the myriad due dates and deadlines.  It was like a veritable minefield, but ’tis done.  I have a long list of pushed-off things occupying the ‘todo’ list and it looks like tomorrow will be filled with executions of many.  Perhaps you can hear the joy in my words as I imagine slashing through them.

Yesterday evening the daughter came by with her old friend.  Mostly it was to see the ten-year-old terror, but also probably to see the dogs.  All three of the aforementioned bipeds took the two quadrapeds on a stroll around the block.  The tail waggers were thrilled.

Ben & I got the morning thing down pretty well.  There was a quick dash to the supermarket for cat food, but it didn’t delay anything.  He’s got some systemitized testing going on and it’s really annoying to me.  Some day in the near future I’ll reveal my opinions of these standardized tests, but it’ll probably not surprise anyone.  He says he’s doing well in them and he has only one more day of it so I’m hoping for the best.  I’m thinking that bracketing the testing week with Spring Fling first and the Manzanita carnival after, will be a nice way of balancing out the boy.  This evening in Goshin-jitsu, he got kneed in the privates.  I didn’t know – I came in about halfway through the lesson and he was sitting on the edge of the stage in the auditorium where the class is held – along with all the parents watching their wee warriors.  He looked real sad and told me about it.  After a while the pain must have passed and the senior student came over to bring him back onto the practice mat.  It was nice because I like to watch him teach the other kids about the throws.  He’s pretty good at the material and getting better at transmitting it to the smaller ones.

In the morning, I went to Wildcat CF again.  I know – two days in a row?!?.  Well, it was weights today which I really enjoy.  I don’t have a rack at home and this was 5×5 shoulder press, 3×5 push press and a 1×5 push jerk.  I was feeling pretty good so I decided to hit close to my maxes.  I’ll have to check the records for the push press, but I remember not doing all the reps recently.  I had a 4-rep only on the second to last shoulder press set and dropped the weight a bit to finish out the last one.  The jerks were fun.  I started out at real low weight again (75#) and tried split jerks with both feet forward.  Wow is my left-foot-forward awkward.  I tried all three at light weight, then went with the ‘wide’ jerk and the split jerk up a bit more and ended up doing a personal record at 140#.  I was mentally gearing up for the lift and thought I was going to do a ‘wide’ jerk – you know, where your landing stance is in the basic squatting position.  However, I ended up doing the split jerk.  It felt good and natural too.

The morning was great in that there was a data hit from Nan’s work with the electron microscopy image reconstructions.  She has The work day was filled with a lot of the usual chaos, interrupted by a nice presentation from the new faculty including a chance for me to talk with her about her work in detail.


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