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23, April 2012

22 April 2012 WCCF workout

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The morning was something of a bust.  The internet is out at the house and we ran out of cereal too.  There was enough for maybe half a bowl.  I ended up taking the ten year old terror (TYOT) to the local market on the way to school and got him a bagel.  I thought, well what the hell.  It doesn’t look like it’s going to get better soon, so I might as well go get the workout done.

It was a fun one.  Not.  At least these guys don’t last too long.

8 min. of as many rounds as possible (AMRAP):
10 toes-to-bar
20 walking lunges w/ overhead weight 45#/25#
3 min. rest
6 min. AMRAP:
10 push ups
30 double unders

I got 3 rounds + 4 toes-to-bar on the first bit.  I chose to use an intermediate weight for the lunges.  I guess I could have tried 45#, but I don’t really want to push myself too hard on the weight side of things.  On the second part, I got 3 rounds + 4 push ups or so.

OK, now for the execuses.  I hadn’t had any breakfast – just some half-decaf.  I had spent yesterday working on the roof.  Intelligently, I didn’t have any sunscreen – just a hat.  And I was up there from about 1 – 3 pm so I probably was pretty dehydrated.  That didn’t stop me from sweating like mad during the workout.

The good part was that I think I’m starting to get the kip on the toes-to-bar.  It has taken me long enough.  But, I managed to string together a few at a time.  I got 5 in a row on the first round and they felt pretty strong.  The lunges went about as expected.  I did a lot of pauses in the middle, but I had about 10-20% of them just rock on through – although my arms weren’t always real strict on the ‘locked-out elbows’.  Push ups, well, they remain pretty weak for me.  Maybe it was all the ab challenging stuff from the first part?  I find I’m snaking up unless I really focus on mid line stability.  I also find that it’s not my chest, but my shoulder strength that is limiting.  That must be because of my playing with hand position.  Mike has taught that we should have our elbow pits forward, and the hands next to the body and a little bit back from where I usually put them.  Finally, the double unders.  I didn’t get any.  This is sort of interesting for me, because I felt like they were getting better.  I think some of the issue was the fact that I tried on my homemade jump rope + I got some new (used) sneakers that have a big tread on the back and the rope kept getting caught on it.  I tried at the beginning of the warmup to get some DUs, but it was so rough and tiring that I just subbed 3x single unders for all three of my rounds.

I stretched like a beast for at least 10 minutes and enjoyed myself a crap-ton of endorphins.  I pounded down a lot of water and a cup of cream-top plain yogurt when I got back to work.  Not feeling too bad.




  1. Hey, Still love reading your blog. But if you continue with talking about your workouts, it might be cool to know what the final goal in mind it (weight loss, lifting a certain weight etc etc..) and a graph showing your progress towards said goal. If you do not do that, one has to scroll back through the workouts and eke out what is going on and what your progress is.

    Comment by Honey Cheeks MacIntosh — 23, April 2012 @ 2:58 pm

    • Wah wah wah. Oh, all right. I have strong feelings about goals. However, I seem to suck at writing them down. Maybe your comment will get me to rectify that. Here’s one – bodyweight snatch. I’m currently 170 lbs. The last time I tested my snatch it was 105#. My clean (typically 20-30% more than the snatch) is at 135#. I will write my goals down and show a weight plot. Just you wait and see.

      ps. Some of this crap is just a placeholder for my notes and feelings about going through hell in an old warehouse-turned-gym.

      Comment by chadkpark — 23, April 2012 @ 7:12 pm

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