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23, April 2012

Goals – April 2012

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I have a lot of goals.  They float around my head and nip at me like cuttlefish.  They jump around my brain and pull my hair and fling poo like the mind-monkeys they are.

Old pal asked that I enunciate my goals if I’m going to keep posting about my workouts.  Well, I have a bit on that.  I like to comment on my workouts.  I like to reinforce them with writing.  It feels like they are more real and more of an event rather than 45 minutes twiddling my thumbs and listening to heavy metal while ‘spinning’ or jogging.

But that has nothing to do with my goals.  I have wants.  Needs even.  First – bodyweight snatch.  I love that lift.  And bodyweight is a great milestone.  However, I’m a ways away from it.  I have a 135# clean and a 140# jerk and a 105# snatch.  Those lifts typically fall in ranges like that (C&J ~ 130% snatch).  So, the BW snatch is tentatively set for 2013.  However, there are a couple of things along the way.  I would like to get to 165 (again).  Also, my Oly lifts can use a lot of skill development.  I mean, I don’t think I have *ever* done a proper squat snatch like you see those guys in the olympics.  I do a power snatch – meaning my thighs are >> parallel.  With the right training I should be able to jump under a lot better and watch my lift numbers grow.  On the other hand, my overhead squat kind of sucks.  It’s stuck at about 85# conservatively.  So, there are clear roads to improvement – accessory exercises = snatch balance, squat clean, OH squat etc.

But that’s just a lifting goal.  I don’t really have much more of those.  Most of the others – athletic goals that is – are of the body dimension / type or of the acrobatic variety.  Body dimension – I always wanted wider shoulders.  I’m kind of good in the thickness-of-chest dimension.  However, I’d love wider shoulders.  How to?  Handstands & handstand push ups.  Secondly, love handles – they need to disappear.  Some of that is happening with diet and exercise (*gasp* that actually works?  what about cucumber smoothies and the south beach diet?).  Some of that is getting help from fun things like spiderman pullups and hanging from a bar and touching your left knee to your right elbow and reversing it.  Honestly, a lot is happening from just remembering to suck in my lower gut all day.  It helps now that I can finally find the muscle that holds in my lower gut.  I used to only suck in the upper part which made me weird looking.  OK.  Weirder.  Fine.  You win.

Acrobatic goals are pretty far fetched and I haven’t really enacted the plans on them.  However, handstands are the key to a lot of them.  I would like to flip on regular ground – maybe grass;  I might never graduate to cement and I’ll be OK with that.  I am chicken on the back flip and I front flip on trampolines and foam pits.  Again, this is pretty easy to advance.  Go to a tumbling studio; hang out with the UA tricks guys.  Along with that, I would love to have a kong vault on cement.  This one I can do moderately well in the gymnasium.  But I would like to be able to “count on it” in the wild as it were.

So, without further ado – here’s an old plot of my weight as a function of time.  The plot starts somewhere around January 2011.  I joined wildcat crossfit in late December 2011.  I had been bicycling 16 miles per day prior to that.  With the whole ‘paleo’ diet I started experimenting with low carbs, high veggies & egg whites.  This persisted throughout April and May and sort of tapered off since.  I stopped crossfit in May or so of 2011 and started up again after some surgeries around Feb. 2012.  There’s an empty space and about a 5 lb uptick around late November 2011 which is from our trip to Santa Barbara.  I love how the mass melted right off and went right back to my ‘median’ weight of about 170 lbs.  Other than that, I think the plot speaks for itself.  I have about a 3lb cycle and apocryphally, I’ve noticed that Saturdays are some of my lowest digits.  However, after beers & junk on Saturday night, I tend to creep back a bit.

Currently, I’m not as low as this plot shows.  I crept back up to 175 as a max and then have been around 169 – 172 and on a downward trend again lately.


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