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3, May 2012

02 May 2012 workout and some eats

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Short comment to keep me honest on workouts and diet.

8:30 am workout
400m run
10, 9, 8, …., 2, 1 reps of
Pushups (hand release)
Situps (heels together)
400m run

My time was 16:46 and dead last, but only by a few seconds.  Several guys finished in under 10.  I think my time will shorten considerably when I can string together kipping pullups.  Right now I have to take an extra swing between reps.  Know how I plan on getting this skill?  Practice.

Eating on the semi- paleo was good until the evening.  I haf a salad at dinner, but the allergies were acting up so I ate a bunch of oranges and around 9 pm I lost it and drank a glass and a half of college chocolate almond milk.  It has a good deal of sugar in it, but I figure with a day or so of dietary return will abolish the effect.

Besides, I have been reading and thinking about carb cycling and cheat days and how important they are and will write more about them later.

Finally, my weight was 171 lbs and seems to be slowly going down or hovering.  I think my goal is to lose the love handles and not so much a specific weight.  However, if I could lose 10 it would put me that much closer to body weight Olympic lifts.


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