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27, July 2012

thumbs around the bar?

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I obsess, particularly on Sundays, with the media at  However, it’s hard to blog about, because they take it down so fast.  That being said, I need to mention something.  This may be only me and for my own historical record.  I loved not having my thumb around the bar when pressing overhead.

There.  I said it.  I know.  It’s in stark contrast to the text in the video below.  And, I’m not overly zealous of the fact that I feel the same as Rob Orlando.  I mean, the man is a beast and a hero of mine.  I don’t think he’s got great form on his Olympic lifts, but crap.  I can’t have any credence commenting when someone cleans as much weight as him.

Anyway, back to the point at hand.  I was pressing overhead one day.  I’m hovering around 105# for straight presses at about 5 reps – maybe a bit more for push presses.  I found that I was *naturally* keeping my thumbs on the same side as my fingers.  I don’t know why.  It felt better.  I should ask a professional about this.  I had tried it “properly” prior to this and found the exercise harder.  Maybe there’s something mental?  Maybe I’m prepping to drop the weight in a hurry – even my thumbs are not in the way of a front-drop.  All I know is that I liked the grip and I may try it when jerking.

OK, Mr. Orlando is bench pressing and not pressing overhead.  Still, I found it comfortable and natural.  Maybe it helps me get my palm and forearm lined up with the bar’s direction of travel.

For those that care, here are some of my clean attempts – note me forcing myself to use hook grip on these.  I can’t always love it when doing cleans for reps, but on heavy attempts, it’s actually proven to be what coach Mike Heinze said – the best grip for heavy work.

Power cleans, squat cleans, and clean & jerk.


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