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22, April 2012

21 April 2012

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Open gym means it’s time to get crazy.

3 rounds for time:

5 chest-to-bar pullups

5 squat snatch 65#

5 each side 44# KB press

5 GHD situps

5 boxjumps 30″

Warmup – mostly jumprope and some variants of PVC shoulder movement and the worlds greatest stretch.

The workout?  Well, the last shall be first and why not.  Box jumps have always been a staple since they are such a fundamental movement for my goals.  The GHD situps – these are really only available at the gym as I haven’t fabricated anything that can let me do them at home. The 44# was a heavier kettlebell than I’m used to playing with and that kind of set me at 5 reps (that plus the fact that I wanted a light fast work out).  Squat snatch was supposed to help me get to heavier snatching.  I was hoping that I would be able to get into some deep squats with weight over head.  However, I just kind of got deeper and ended up making myself do an overhead squat.  Prior to the workout I had done some singles up to 85# just trying it out (~ 85% of max) but it just didn’t feel right and the trapezius was spazzing out at times.  Finally, the chest-to-bar pullups needed the use of the red band.  This is probably the 2nd or 3rd smallest band, but I still need it to get my weight substantially over the bar.  Someday, someday, someday there will be a muscle up.  Focus, dedication & drive and I will get there.  Overall the workout was pretty light although it took me 11:32 to get it all done.


17, April 2012

17 April 2012

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A brief synopsis, a series of vignettes….

I managed to survive the myriad due dates and deadlines.  It was like a veritable minefield, but ’tis done.  I have a long list of pushed-off things occupying the ‘todo’ list and it looks like tomorrow will be filled with executions of many.  Perhaps you can hear the joy in my words as I imagine slashing through them.

Yesterday evening the daughter came by with her old friend.  Mostly it was to see the ten-year-old terror, but also probably to see the dogs.  All three of the aforementioned bipeds took the two quadrapeds on a stroll around the block.  The tail waggers were thrilled.

Ben & I got the morning thing down pretty well.  There was a quick dash to the supermarket for cat food, but it didn’t delay anything.  He’s got some systemitized testing going on and it’s really annoying to me.  Some day in the near future I’ll reveal my opinions of these standardized tests, but it’ll probably not surprise anyone.  He says he’s doing well in them and he has only one more day of it so I’m hoping for the best.  I’m thinking that bracketing the testing week with Spring Fling first and the Manzanita carnival after, will be a nice way of balancing out the boy.  This evening in Goshin-jitsu, he got kneed in the privates.  I didn’t know – I came in about halfway through the lesson and he was sitting on the edge of the stage in the auditorium where the class is held – along with all the parents watching their wee warriors.  He looked real sad and told me about it.  After a while the pain must have passed and the senior student came over to bring him back onto the practice mat.  It was nice because I like to watch him teach the other kids about the throws.  He’s pretty good at the material and getting better at transmitting it to the smaller ones.

In the morning, I went to Wildcat CF again.  I know – two days in a row?!?.  Well, it was weights today which I really enjoy.  I don’t have a rack at home and this was 5×5 shoulder press, 3×5 push press and a 1×5 push jerk.  I was feeling pretty good so I decided to hit close to my maxes.  I’ll have to check the records for the push press, but I remember not doing all the reps recently.  I had a 4-rep only on the second to last shoulder press set and dropped the weight a bit to finish out the last one.  The jerks were fun.  I started out at real low weight again (75#) and tried split jerks with both feet forward.  Wow is my left-foot-forward awkward.  I tried all three at light weight, then went with the ‘wide’ jerk and the split jerk up a bit more and ended up doing a personal record at 140#.  I was mentally gearing up for the lift and thought I was going to do a ‘wide’ jerk – you know, where your landing stance is in the basic squatting position.  However, I ended up doing the split jerk.  It felt good and natural too.

The morning was great in that there was a data hit from Nan’s work with the electron microscopy image reconstructions.  She has The work day was filled with a lot of the usual chaos, interrupted by a nice presentation from the new faculty including a chance for me to talk with her about her work in detail.

1×140# Split jerk personal record – 17 April 2012

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1x140# Split jerk personal record - 17 April 2012

I started getting in the habit of turning the plates’ labeled side inwards after working out with a lifter who liked doing that. I thought it didn’t matter, but maybe it has helped me. I think it might have to do with not ‘seeing’ the numeric value of the weight and just lifting.

16, April 2012

Workout 2012 April 16

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Have a busy day today, but managed to get to a convenient time at the gym.  I realized that if I can get ready for work prior to dropping the ten-year old terror at school, then I can bomb straight down the hill and hit the gym by 8:30.  Today was the first attempt at such an endeavor.  It was a bit hectic because the car was on empty and the house was out of decaf!  But I managed to get there with plenty of time to spare.

Kevin had us warm up with PVC and all the usual drills.  He added a neat one where you have the PVC behind your back and one arm holding the top like a tricep stretch and the other grasping the bottom at the small of your back.  As you pull up you stretch the front of the rotator cuff of the lower arm, and by pulling down you stretch the triceps of the upper arm.  The written warmup was 10 air squats, inchworm along the length of the room, worlds greatest stretch (WGS) on the way back, 10 burpees, 100 single unders and 20 double unders.

WGS is pretty hard to describe, but exceedingly good to do.  Start standing, bring one knee up as high as you can and step out in a lunge.  Make sure your knee is at or slightly behind your ankle.  Take the same elbow as the forward foot and place it as close to your ankle as you can, then put both hands on either side of your front foot, lean back and stretch your hams and calves.  Kevin does the WGS a little different by adding the Atlas stretch (lunge position with upright upper body) before repeating.  It’s the sort of thing where you want to do a nice warming dynamic stretch.  No static stretching before the workout.

I liked todays’ workout because I can feel my kipping pullups coming back and my shoulder strength feels pretty good from working out at home over the weekend – strict pull ups and swinging into front levers.  Also, I’m starting to string along double unders and would like to see if the pressure of the clock and the workout will help.

8 min. AMRAP of

8 pull ups

30 double unders


Front squat 5×3.

I got 2 rounds + 7 double unders.  So that was 24 pull ups.  I went as prescribed, but I couldn’t get all the double unders and I didn’t want to stand there huffing and puffing and not practicing the pullups.  My cadence was sort of single-single-double.  I could keep that up for maybe 3-5 reps before I needed a break.  Then I finished out the jump rope work with 60 singles.  The kip felt pretty good on the pull ups, but I still can’t do 8 unbroken.  I think I got 5 reps at best.  Of course there were some serious fire-breathers who did 6-10 rounds I think.  Most people got 4-5 rounds done.  So, I don’t feel too far from the pack.

Front squats were a bit more fun.  One of the firebreathers had an injury and didn’t want to go heavy so we shared a rack.  I did 10×45# and 3×95# as a warmup.  From then on it was 3×135#, 3×145#, 3×155#, 3×165#, 3×165#.  It felt pretty good.  I did get a bit of a cramp in the right calf after the warmup but that cleared out during the workout.  I made sure to do a lot of stretching and hydrating at the end.  Now I feel pretty awesome.  I ended up getting into work a little after 9:30, but that’s not so bad that I can’t pull it off a couple times a week.

15, April 2012

2012 April 15

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It’s been a particularly trying and difficult time.  However, some fun was managed to be obtained.  Why was it so trying?  Well, no sooner than I finish with the gum surgery, I get my wart and a lump on my leg cut off and biopsied.  Lots of stuff is due.  I have to give a talk tomorrow, pay taxes buy Tuesday, facility billing by Monday and self-evaluations last Friday.  Well, I managed to get most of it done.  The talk is more or less ready.  The tax material is more or less organized as I’ve been trying to continue to follow in the ‘Get Things Done’ mode of filing.  Even better, I took the dogs to the dog park, the son to a different park and then to Spring Fling.  We got some good training and tree climbing in at the park.  We also got some good deals at the Fling.  Ben basically got in for free and got a free game where he ended up winning an ‘Angry birds’ doll.

9, April 2012

2012 April 09

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Saturday’s workout was something I made up.  I like the open gym because I can do that.  Sure, I get some funny looks, but I’m there to improve on what concerns me.  I also like to make use of equipment that I don’t have at home.  So I did:

3 rounds for time

10 GHD situps, 10 box jumps 30″, 10 KB swings 36#, 10 ring dips

I finished all the work in 9:23.  Not too bad – I thought I might have made that a 4 round workout because a lot of the exercises go pretty fast.


Today’s workout was a real gut wrencher.  I think the worst part was the rest.  I could feel my heart racing and it took nearly the full minute to “recover”.  I ended up doing better than I thought I would but let’s see how tired I feel tomorrow.

5 three-minute rounds with a minute rest in between:
3 push press 95#
6 front squat 95#
9 kettlebell swings 36#
10 rounds total + 1 FS.

To top it all off, I biked in today.  I’d been meaning to do that more often.  Let’s see how long I can keep it up.

4, April 2012

2012 April 03

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Lifting day at wccf.

5×5 shoulder press
3×5 front squat

Since we had the racks and weights out, I thought I should get a heavy single done, so I posted one at 175.

Probably the best part of the workout was the positive attitude of the young athlete with whom I shared the rack.  He really made it an adventure.  Of course, his shoulder press was about the same as my squat.  So there was a lot of resetting of the weight on the bar.  But he was a gung-ho lifter and a real motivation and inspiration.

I really like the heavy lifting days and think that the whole crossfit thing would work better with heavy lifting one exercise, maybe two, for decent reps and sets and *then* the typical metcon.  I know – crossfit heresy.  Still, I think it is a great way to focus on both the 1 and 3 rep max strength while still pushing forward the high intensity, high reps, low weight aspect.

1, April 2012

Goshin Jitsu – the nine year old ninja is now ten.

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So when he was an 8 year old ninja, Ben went to summer school and discovered a love for Judo.  Mostly, that’s due to the instructor, John McGraugh.  Now, this remarkable dude is fluent in English (native) and Japanese and loves flipping kids.  He really has a style to making kids enjoy self defense and throws in a heap of old-fashioned ‘behave well’ as well.  I remember seeing Ben off to his class two years ago (2010) and talking with Mr. McGraugh.  He had a *cloud* of kids around him just *begging* to be thrown.  Of course, he had taught them all how to fall and as all the best judoka know, it’s only proper to help your throwee land properly.  I remember him showing me how good Ben was at throwing and landing and in the midst of it, he pauses from throwing a dozen kids before the start of class and says, ‘I have the greatest job in the world.  I throw little kids all day long.’  This attitude persists and I can’t tell you how fun it is to listen to him teach class. I swear half his puns and comments are for the parents listening in on the kids’ lesson while we peruse our cellular entertainment.

Anyway, he’s teaching once a week at Ben’s grade school.  Now it includes more typical self-defense stuff like, attention, prevention, communication and eventually, blocking, striking, throwing and wrestling.  Well, Ben never wanted to do this Goshinjitsu stuff because he thought it was too violent and didn’t like the idea of wrestling.  Somehow, and this is seen in all the students, the wrestling is the best part.  You should see them freak out and jump in line when he says, ‘pick a partner and sit back to back’.  Apparently this is one of the ways to start wrestling.  Well, if you haven’t seen your offspring teaching little kids how to do a pin, or better, seen him get pinned by the sensei or the senior (green belt) student, I highly recommend it.

10, March 2012

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All of the TED talks are worth a few minutes (when you have them).  But I found this one particularly good a long time ago when I first saw it.  Leave it to the great Ross Enamait at to bring it again.

9, March 2012

Been cold this March of 2012.

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I found Gizmo lying on our blanket from the laundry pile.  While it is no surprise that dogs like laundry, this one usually prefers his own dog bed to the ubiquitous unwashed.  But I think he misses g’ma who was working late last night at the lab and this was almost as good as sitting on the couch watching the daily show with her. 

I, of course, took the liberty of tucking him in.

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