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1, June 2012

Sauce – a rant

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There’s something about the restaurant ‘Sauce’ that makes me ill.

I know you’re thinking that it’s great and they’re so friendly and their pizza is so awesome and even your vegan friends like it and, and and… Stop! You’re wrong. Settle down and we’ll proceed to the evidence.

1.) You would think a place named ‘Sauce’ would have all kinds. They don’t; they have, what, two kinds of Anglicized Italian tomato sauces.  Would it kill them to branch out a bit?
2.) They seem to go out of their way to add sugar to their salads. If it’s not in the dressing, it’s added to it.  Once I got one with the dressing on the side and it was *still* sweetened.  I got one yesterday and apparently there’s a minimum sugar content.  Again, the dressing was on the side, so they added a *shit* ton of corn.
4.) Oh, and the salad is like $8 too. “Because of all the added vegetables”. BS. 1/4 of an asparagus stalk isn’t going to set you back a buck.
5.) The dishwashers don’t. I’m not talking about the people now; it’s whatever they are using for a machine or detergent. Every effing plate is greasy.
6.) The pizza. OMG I enjoy a thin crust like everyone. But seriously, come ON! How can you honestly charge so much for something that’s so utterly insubstantial. That’s not even including the point that you’re feeding us crap flour and who knows what quality cheese.

One final thing. The ‘friendliness’ is faked. Seriously. They’re not that into refilling your stinking water glass.

Anyway, I had to get that off my chest. I feel better now.
You may be wondering why I return to that place? Well, among my lunching companions, I am apparently alone in my loathing.


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